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Train up a child in the way (s)he should go.

Certified Children’s Etiquette Program

Purpose of the Program

Girls can lead exciting, fulfilling lives without compromising their character or innocence.  The Tea Time Etiquette Camp for Girls has been created to help girls grow in their faith and explore what it means to develop character.

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Importance of this Program


Individuals need to learn proper table manners and social skills now more than ever. Competition for acceptance into colleges and good jobs is becoming increasingly tough and those who possess social skills that are well developed and natural will stand out in the crowd and have a big leg up on their peers. Respecting and valuing others, developing high integrity, and making others feel at ease are the key reasons that society practices good manners. In this regard, campers will explore opportunities and have extraordinary experiences that will play a positive role in character development.

The program will 1) encourage self expression 2) teach proper manners and social etiquette in a fun and educational environment, 3) help campers develop empathy, respect, and understanding of self and others. Campers will learn proper table etiquette, experience the art of fine dining, learn proper behavior in social circles and learn to set future academic and professional goals.

Fine Dining




Program Components


Tea Parties, Social & Table Etiquette, Health & Fitness, Performing Arts, Girl Talk, Guest Speakers, Nutritional Meals, Money Management, Field Trips, Fun days.

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Success Starts with Manners, Morals and Integrity